Friday, January 25, 2008

Muhammad Ali VS Milo Ventimiglia


Finally, Federer got beaten in Australian Open 2008.
To be honest, I am already bored with Federer. Seems like nobody in this world can't beat him.
I still keep my small regret feeling why I came to Melbourne last year to watch Australian Open 2007 Men's Final,
just to watch Fernando Gonzales being "massacred" by Federer.

The reason why Federer's opponents always loose I think it is because they already afraid of
Federer even before the match begin, means they already loose mentally even before the match
begin. Just my opinion...

But thanks God now someone has shown that he is mentally and physically ready to face Federer
and he just won the match against Federer in Semi Final Australian Open 2008.
Congratz to Serbian, Novak Djokovic!

Now the Men's Final of Australian Open is getting hot.
Unseeded player a.k.a Muhammad Ali a.k.a Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will meet Djokovic on the Final. I still hardly forget how beautiful Tsonga played the match with Nadal yesterday. Nadal was effortless and Tsonga was remarkable and definitely The-Man-of-The-Match!

The ESPN host, Vijay or the other guy, I can't remember exactly who said this: "Every strokes that Tsonga do seems ridiculuously easy for him". I'm hoping Tsonga will maintain his brilliant performance until his final match with Djokovic.

Anyway, do you watch American TV Series, HEROES?
Novak Djokovic, in my opinion, looks a like with Milo Ventimiglia, cast as Peter Petrelli in HEROES.
Both looks handsome, dont you think? Haha. Girls.

So, I would say that Australian Open 2008 Men's Final as final of
Muhammad Ali versus Milo Ventimiglia.

Haha. Just kidding.

Okay. Final words.
A huge congratz from me to you Djokovic to beat Federer and looking forward to see TSONGA and DJOKOVIC in the Final
and my support is TSONGA's.

Cheers from Jakarta, INDONESIA
Australian Open loyal audience watching from TV Cable