Monday, September 28, 2009

On-air at 101.4 Trax FM

Tune in to 101.4 Trax FM Jakarta Radio
this Thursday (1 Oct 2009)
8-10 PM (GMT +7)

The 2009 BuAB Director, Silvana, and I will speak up for BuAB.

Live streaming available at



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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

KANYE hype

Lately, there are such hypes of Kanye West because of him ruining Taylor Swift's acceptance speech after winning 2009 MTV VMA Best Female Video. Celebs tweet and blog. Even Mr. President (Obama) said Kanye was a j*ck*ss. [Don't worry Mr. President, I would exactly say the same ;) ]

This morning Arya gimme this link: and below image emerged. lol lol lol. Like somebody is trying to make a fun of Kanye.

Wanna have one like this? Try following formula.
Formula = "" + your web/blog link

Have fun! ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Me promotes BuAB in the Indonesia Berprestasi

I have been very fortunate having another chance to speak about BuAB. This time to the Indonesia Berprestasi. Hopefully it will help the exposure of BuAB to many people! Finger-crossed for more donors/volunteers =D

Wondering what BuAB is? Read my previous post or click here to visit BuAB's blog.

Click here for a full article


Indonesia Berprestasi needs volunteer to help translating articles from Bahasa to many languages. Hence, they are readable for non-Bahasa Indonesia speakers.

Feel wanna join? Visit Indonesia Berprestasi

Me promotes BuAB in the Jakarta Globe

On an unique date 09-09-09, the Jakarta Globe featured an article of me promoting BuAB.

BuAB is a book-drive my friends and I founded in 2007. It collects books from Australia to be delivered to disadvantaged schools throughout Indonesia. To date, approximately 15,000 books weighing for 2.9 ton has arrived in the hands of children/students in at least 30 schools in 15 provinces.

Click here to view the article

BuAB has been very lucky to be able to attract donors that made huge donation each year. However, BuAB really needs donors that are able to help distribute the books from Australia to Indonesia (Jakarta) and from Jakarta to many provinces in Indonesia as it will cover most of the cost that lies on the distribution. (Click here to visit BuAB's blog)

Lastly, many thanks to good friend of mine, Rachel Angelina Panjaitan, who connects me with the Jakarta Globe! Thanks dear ;)


Interested in becoming a donor or a volunteer? Shout to us at

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Goo Hye Sun - Breathe

This Korean artist is just so talented. You can see her acting skill in Korean version of Boys Over Flowers. You can enjoy her drawings that were exhibited few months ago. And now she released her debut album called 'Breathe' that I enjoy very much!

Didn't expect much in the first place actually. But after heard the songs in the album, I just can say these piece of arts are just beautiful, lovely, fascinating. Love it! Enjoy her songs through this link.

Ku Hye Sun, looking forward to your next piece of art. Oh yeah, your musical movie I guess by the end of this year ;) Wish you all the best luck!