Monday, December 18, 2006

on my way home

Last sunday,
I was going back home from Karate Award Dinner which held out of town. Coz I had no transportation, I was with my friend who drove a car: Dave. And his 8-year-old son, Callum, were also with us.

Some time in the way back home, we visited a wine factory. Dave needed to buy a bottle of wine for his friend, but he told me he himself doesn't like wine. He prefers beer, he said.

In the way back home, rite now, we're already in the car, his son, Callum, said to me.
Callum: "Mika, if you want, you can drink a beer."
Mika: "I'm sorry Callum, I don't drink beer."
Callum: "WHY?"

Suddenly Dave covered me.
(Dave knows I'm not drinking. At the Award Dinner at previous night, he knows I just drank a soft drink while the others consumed alcoholic drink)

Dave: "She chosed not to drink a beer, Callum."
Dave: "It is the same as smoking. Some people chosed to smoke, while the others are not"

I was very glad that my friend respect me about my choice, in this case, some restriction belongs to my religion. I'm treated with respect.

*this is to emphasized that I'm treated with respect. this is the answer for some people who asked me how I treated in Austrlia

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