Monday, August 21, 2006

Hana Yori Dango 2: Januari 2007

TBS makes Hana Yori Dango's sequel.

can't wait for it!
can't wait to see what will happen to Tsukushi, Tsukasa, Rui, Akira, Sojiro, and the other casts of Hana Yori Dango!

for sure, I don't read its manga, so I know nothing about what will happen next.
for sure, I just love its first that aired at the end of 2005.
I love the story. I love how's the story flows. I love the casts and their acts.
I'm just hoping that it won't be a crap (sorry...) like Meteor Garden 2 (who tried to replay its first' success, but it didn't work).

One thing that I regret so much is..
I can't keep in touch directly with the casts (actress & actors) & director.
I want to give comments and say directly to them about anything I like & dislike at their first dorama. but I just can't...

I wish I could simply interact with them, at least, by e-mail.


yud1 said...

lho, ternyata mika suka ngikutin j-drama juga.. ('dorama'? bahasa mana itu? =) )

btw, emangnya HYD sebagus itu? gw nggak terlalu suka versi adaptasinya yang diputar di indosiar dulu (baca: 'Meteor Garden')


intan said...

Apa bedanya sama metor garden, mik?
Btw, tgl 26 kemarin gw ketemu sama salah satu peserta Pengmas on IT 2005 di bis. Dia mengatakan hal yg menyenangkan: Pengajarnya enak-enak :D

Mika Halpin said...

ga ngikutin banget si Yud,
asal gw tau ada dorama (atau j-drama ya?)yang bagus, pasti gw bakal tonton *emang dasar penggemar film..

sebenernya MG sm HYD itu sama, cuma jangan di-compare lah HYD sm Meteor Garden.. MG itu terlalu dipanjang2in ceritanya, ga padat & ringkes ky HYD.
pokoke, jauh lebih bagus HYD. akting nya juga OK kok

makanya Yud... tonton aja HYD *promosi ni ye.... VCD-nya bisa dibeli di toko Anime di deket Gundar Kelapa 2 ATAU download di jaringan (gw biasanya pake File o Scope)

ada dorama yg bagus juga. klo ga salah judulnya 'gakusen'...
dicoba aja deh Yud :)

seneng bisa denger komentar ky gitu dari peserta Pengmas on IT!!!
tapi yg penting si Pengms on IT bisa terus jalan sampe jamannya flash disk uda ada yang 1 Terra (maksudnya selamanya gituuuuu.....)

Apret said...

Mika sayang... seneng bisa ketemu di dunia blogging... hihihi..

Bole di link yah..

Btw masi inget aku ngga? *ini ga penting =P*

Selamat Puasa (bentar lagi), bawa oleh2 ya dr Aussie XD

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