Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

I've watched that movie yesterday.
What a great movie whether it's just a movie from a FICTION book.

I know it's a fiction,
but i also know in this world nowadays, there are many different concepts about Jesus as God or maybe the son of God. It's not the same for all over the world. there also many version of Christian bibles. a question arose from my heart as a human that believe in God: who is actually my God? how is He? is he a powerfull man with God kindness? or what? with many version of bible, which one that I have to trust?

Things that I fully realized,
I become MORE SURE about the religion that I hold now, which is Islam, because:

1. There is a PERFECT CONCEPT about GOD and it states CLEAR in Al-Qur'an, The Holly Bible of Muslim for all over the world, that there is ONLY 1 God which is Allah. Allah has no child and neither Allah is a child of someone so there is no POWER DIVISION of God

2.I am glad there is just ONE VERSION of Al-Qur'an, and no others and all of Muslim/Muslimah over the world ADMIT it.


intan said...

setuju mik.
btw, ceritain dong gmn filmya. belum nonton nih ^^

Mika Halpin said...

diceritain?? lebih seru klo nonton sendiri!! gw juga ga jago nyeritain ulang film tan, huehuehue....

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