Saturday, April 04, 2009

NHK's way explaining Stress & Stomachache

Few days ago, I switched my TV channel to NHK, a Japanese broadcaster. Suddenly I saw a clip of a man suffering from stomach-ache on his way to his office by train. This clip is actually an instrument assisting a show explaining the relationship between stress and stomach-ache: Stress can cause stomach-ache, even to a severe one.

What I adore from this show is the way in explaining such hard topic. It was delivered in a light-weight manner. To portray what's going on in human's body while stomach-ache occurs due to stress, the show employed 2 man and a 河合 little girl (the セルロテン) wearing interesting comical costumes. Each represented entity inside our body that involved while stomach-ache occurs. And they made such funny moves!

Also, the show was kinda quiz show. There were 3 participants (I think all of them are well-known people in Japan) attempted answering questions relates to the topic. Kinda "feel the blank" questios, but the questions revealed facts that most people do not know in regards to this topic. 

Sorry I can't show you any captures of my story... But the shows, really, seems a very fun way to grab more knowledge. I enjoyed the show very much =)

A normal show addressing this topic, I imagine, would be in format of a talkshow or discussion between presenter and experts. BORING. At least that's what I see in so far 3 countries. Japanese TV shows are always creative and many Japanese TV shows are copied in many countries. Anyway.

Small note:
For those who have some free time, below is a link of YouTube video (this video is my housemates' fave). It's a Japanese TV show of a very smart chimpanze called Pan-kun. The video shows how the chimpanze travels by train (purchasing ticket, passing through the gate, and many more!)(Click here for the LINK)
Just search with keyword "pankun chimpanze" if you wanna see more videos of this very smart chimpanze.
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harmonika said...

Hummm, I seldom got stomachache in Train on the way home. Actually, the air get inside my body (masuk angin). Jadi nya bikin pengen puppy yu know...

Mika Halpin said...

kuesi kuesi