Monday, July 03, 2006

Water is Alive!

Hey guys!
Yesterday I read a book titled "The True Power of Water". This book is awesome!
Honestly, I don't like to read a book (I prefer magazine/newspaper to book, really, more invigorating). In fact, I ever left that book in my room without being read for couple of weeks. But yesterday, I tried to read it and I can say this book is great. Thank you Dr. Masaru Emoto for your research!!!

Water can re-act to any action toward it and can differ which one is good action and which one is bad by showing its crystal. The 'action' I mean is 'saying good words' or 'saying bad word'. If you say good word, in this case: 'Thank you' & 'Very Great', , the water can show its crystal, but if you say bad word, in this case: 'Useless!' & 'You're Stupid', the water can't show its crystal. See pictures below...

Picture Sequence:
"Thank You" ----- "You're Stupid" ---- "Very Great" ---- "Useless!"

Then, I think and ask: May I conclude that water is alive? It can re-act like a human, differ somethin' good or bad. What's more, it is in our body with percentage 70%. Is this the reason why I feel sad when somebody tell somethin bad to me and I feel happy when somebody tell somethin good to me?

Many things you can explore at that book. If I finish read the book, you can borrow me OR you can have it at bookstore near you. It's a New York Times Best Seller!

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RabZ said...

Hey juga..

Ini kl ga salah buku yang Kamis kemaren gw liat di Gramed.

Last monday, after my mom had come to Mr. Gymnastiar's speech (ceramah maksudnya), she told me about that kind of thing..

Yes, I thought that Mr. Gym has just been loving this book. Becoz, I found several times in infotainment =p, he talked about the 'miracle' of water in several occasion.

Well, it has been told that if we have three glasses full with water,
1. First glass: We say good words to it.
2. Second glass: We say bad words..
3. Third glass: Just ignore it..

After few days, the third glass will give a worse effect than the second one (spt bakal ngeluarin bau yang lebih ga enak)..

Wanna try??

::maap,kali ini bahasa inggris gw jelek banget.. -_-