Tuesday, March 27, 2007

my top keyword analysis: Kwon Sang-woo

this is the fact,
of all my blog's visitors, mostly they came across my blog because they're looking for Kwon Sang-woo, I may say, an icon of Korea.
34.56% is the number, dominating other keywords, even my own name keyword *huh*
more shocking fact, some of the visitors came from northern and southern part of America continent.
but anyway, seems he's done great job out there...

i missed his visit to Jakarta, Indonesia on last September coz I was in Brisbane, Aussie. so sad....
i'm always hoping he has chance to visit Brisbane within 2007 coz I'm graduating this December and going back to Indonesia then... :p
maybe just to promote TheFaceShop product coz no TheFaceShop store here OR maybe just to meet & greet the fans *including me* OR just to meet Korean people coz I reckon many Korean people here

*mika in a never-ending-assignments phase*


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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