Friday, March 16, 2007

"What If" in my life...

What if my mom enrolled me to badminton class when I was 9 as I asked for?
What if I continued my swimming lesson?
What if my mom didn't enroled me to the karate class?
What if I chosed Architecture as my major?
What if I chosed Uni. of Sains Malaysia instead of Uni. of Indonesia?
What if I had a older brother?
What if I joined UQ karate Club last semester?
What if...
What if...
*still many "What If" I have....*

Those are my "What If". How bout you???


Ra! said...

any regret?

Mika Halpin said...

tough question...

a lil bit, Ra, for honest.
tapi gw yakin apa yang gw punya atau apa yang uda terjadi sama diri gw sekarang ini adalah yang terbaik buat gw.

sekarang tugas gw cuma tinggal bersyukur atas apa yang uda gw punya skrg.

loe gmn Ra?

rabz said...

my what if':
what if my father is still alive?

Life just like tree with infinite branches and it's impossible to traced back and know what will happen if we took other branch.. ^^

Mika Halpin said...

i love that sentence!!! perfect!